Zing Deluxe Interchangeable Circular Needle Set

The Zing 35cm Single Pointed Needle Set is the ultimate knitting companion for both beginners and seasoned crafters. Elevate your knitting experience with this premium collection of needles designed to inspire creativity and enhance your crafting journey.


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Introducing the Zing Deluxe Interchangeable Circular Needle Set from KnitPro

Zing Deluxe Interchangeable Circular Needle Set is a comprehensive knitting toolkit that promises to revolutionize your crafting experience. Designed for the discerning knitter, this set combines style, precision, and versatility in one exquisite package.

Craft with Elegance and Precision:

Elevate your knitting projects with the Zing Deluxe Interchangeable Circular Needle Set. This collection includes 8 sizes of Zing Interchangeable Circular Needles (3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0 & 8.0mm) – each meticulously crafted from high-quality, lightweight aluminium. The needles boast a smooth surface that ensures your stitches glide seamlessly, resulting in a knitting experience like no other.

Endless Crafting Possibilities:

With 8 different needle sizes at your disposal, you can effortlessly tackle a wide range of projects, from delicate lacework to chunky sweaters. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, these needles empower you to bring your creative visions to life.

Versatile Cable Lengths:

The Zing Deluxe set includes 4 high-quality cables in varying lengths – 60cm/24″, 2 of 80cm/32″, and 100cm/40″. These cables provide the flexibility you need to adapt to different project sizes and styles, ensuring your knitting remains as versatile as your imagination.

Elegantly Organized:

Store your prized knitting tools in the attractive light pink fabric case provided. This case is not only visually appealing but also functional, featuring dedicated pockets for each needle size, ensuring you stay organized and your needles remain in pristine condition.

Essential Accessories Included:

The set comes complete with a range of essential accessories to enhance your knitting experience. You’ll find 8 end caps, 4 cable keys, and 1 set of cable connectors, providing you with everything you need for hassle-free knitting.

Join the KnitPro Community:

KnitPro has a distinguished reputation in the crafting world for its commitment to quality and innovation. By choosing the Zing Deluxe Interchangeable Circular Needle Set, you’re not just acquiring needles. You’re becoming a part of a supportive knitting community that celebrates creativity and craftsmanship.

Embrace the elegance of precision knitting with the Zing Deluxe Interchangeable Circular Needle Set from KnitPro. Crafted for those who appreciate the finer details, this set offers unparalleled comfort, style, and versatility. Elevate your knitting journey and explore new horizons in crafting with the Zing Deluxe set – where precision meets passion.

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