New Workshop & Natter Area at Knit Happens!

Welcome to our latest blog. All about what we have been doing behind the scenes on our new workshop & natter area.

We have been open now as a shop since September 2020. Well, I say open! It has been open, closed, open, closed, then closed some more! To say the first 6 months of Knit Happens has been eventful would definitely be an understatement!

But we knew the risks. Well, as much as we could have done! Throughout the lockdown(s) we have been busy behind the scenes bolstering stock for the shop, in preparation for reopening whilst also moving forward with “phase 2” of our business plan. Workshops and classes!

One of our key goals when starting Knit Happens was to not just be another knitting shop. We wanted to make Knit Happens into a key local hub for everyone to be able to enjoy. Whether it be experienced crafters, or people new to the world of crafting, our aim was to create a friendly, welcoming and fun location where anyone could come, feel included and not ostracised. How many times have you gone into a shop (not necessarily a craft shop) and either not felt welcomed or didn’t feel comfortable enough to ask the “silly question” you needed the answer to? I know I have, and I hated it.

And so it began…

New Workshop & Natter Area
Maisie making the most of a blank canvas
New Workshop & Natter Area
A dark dank cave

So, with this in mind, we set about converting our upstairs area into my vision of a welcoming and warm space that could be used for classes, workshops, knit & natter groups, or for simply popping in and spending an hour crafting with a cuppa!

I had in my head exactly what I wanted to achieve. Unfortunately I had no idea where to start! It felt like a bit of an uphill battle as previously our unit had been used as a workshop (not a crafty one either!) so it was rather industrial to say the least. Added to that, we were on a budget due to reduced takings thanks to bloody lockdown!

First on the agenda was removing all the old shelving and office chairs that had been left behind. Not to mention the chuffing great router cabinet full of cables and gubbins only my husband could understand! (suffice to say, I left that lot to him!).

We then moved on to the flooring. Ironically, once I had picked myself up off the floor having received some quotes for carpet, We changed tack (pun intended!). My son had a brainwave, suggesting carpet tiles and managed to find a place online selling 600 tiles of differing colours for a fraction of the price!!! This was it, we took the plunge and a few days later stood watching on in horror as an entire pallet of tiles turned up!

Fast Forward a Few Weeks….

And we are finally ready! Weeks of hard work, late nights and sore knees (from all the carpeting, rude!) have finally come to fruition. I am so pleased with the final outcome. The tiles could not have looked better. Their random pattern is better than I ever could have imagined! The beautiful artwork hanging on the walls from various local artists brings even more life to the space.

The dark and damp “cave” has been transformed into a gorgeous little alcove with a display area full of beautiful creations from a number of talented local crafters.

In addition to the comfy sofas and chairs, there are also a number of tables dotted around the space. Giving crafters a choice of seating to match their desired activity.

The entire space has been transformed into a warm, welcoming and fun area that hopefully many people will enjoy as much as we did creating it.

So, what are we going to be using it for? Continue reading below for some of the classes that we are already booking for in May and June.

New Workshop & Natter Area
A warm and comfy seating area
New Workshop & Natter Area
Tables for crafting

Upcoming Workshops & Classes

All of the classes pictured below are booking now for dates in either May or June at our new workshop & natter area at our shop in Bodmin. Like our Facebook page for updates on new classes and dates! Click on any of the images to go to the booking page, read more about each class and book your space now. We have deliberately limited spaces to 5 per class to keep everyone safe. So be quick! Book now and don’t miss out.

Thank you for taking the time to read our latest blog about our new workshop & natter area! We are so excited to reopen on Tuesday 13th April and look forward to welcoming you all into the shop soon!

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