Meet the owner

Allow us to introduce Victoria, the friendly face behind Knit Happens, where her passion for knitting and crochet creates a warm and welcoming community.

Despite being a busy mum of five (yes, you read that right), Victoria stumbled upon her true calling in the world of wool just a few years ago. In the precious moments of spare time she managed to find, she first picked up a crochet hook and soon found herself tangled up in the joy of creating with yarn. But Victoria’s crafting adventures didn’t stop there!

With a mischievous twinkle in her eye and a nudge from her dear mother, Victoria boldly ventured into the realm of knitting. Oh, the thrill! From that moment on, she surrendered herself to the enchantment of all things woolly, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Originally hailing from Bristol, Victoria’s path took an unexpected twist when she tied the knot with a charming Cornishman. It was only a matter of time before the lure of picturesque Cornwall beckoned them back home. Armed with her background in business management, Victoria fearlessly embraced the challenge of running Knit Happens, even in the midst of a world that seemed determined to throw curveballs her way!

But let’s talk about lockdown, shall we? As the world ground to a halt, Victoria found herself with ample time to ponder life’s priorities. And lo and behold, a brilliant idea struck her like a bolt of inspiration—why not become her own boss? After all, work was increasingly intruding upon her precious crafting time, and what better time to open a brand-new shop than in the middle of a global pandemic? (Because, you know, Victoria has a knack for impeccable timing!)

With a pinch of doubt and a dash of excitement, she cautiously shared her thoughts with friends and family, and before she knew it, she took a leap of faith. That’s right, my friends, in a blink of an eye, Knit Happens was born—an oasis of yarn-filled wonder, created by a woman who is both passionate and slightly bonkers about all things knitting.

So, welcome to our world of cozy creativity, where laughter and woolly mischief reign supreme. Whether you’re a seasoned yarn connoisseur or a curious newbie, Victoria and her team of yarn ninjas are here to help you unravel your crafting dreams and stitch together unforgettable memories. So grab your needles, embrace the warmth of the yarn, and join us on this whimsical journey called Knit Happens.